Suzuki Ignis Car Review

The Suzuki Ignis has received several exterior and interior enhancements. Aside from the car’s new nose and some other minor exterior changes, the car is sporting an exciting 1.3 petrol engine and a new fascia. The Ignis is being offered with a Sport variant and an all-wheel drive option.

Suzuki’s Ignis deserves to be at least considered alongside Fords, Vauxhalls and Citroens. Buyers may find themselves pleasantly surprised because the Ignis unlike most offerings at this price point, comes well equipped and is powered by decent engines.

The Ignis’ 1.3-litre petrol motor gives the car a leg up over many of its similarly priced rivals. The engine offers more in terms of power and refinement. Also available is a 1.5-litre petrol engine, but the range lacks a diesel option. Suzuki has thought of everything and offers an auto gearbox option, a four-wheel drive variant and a Sport model.

Suzuki’s unique offerings are meant to catch the attention of buyers who want something different without sacrificing the practicality and features of a supermini.

Suzuki’s desire to beat out the competition on safety as well is evident with the Ignis. The car offers four airbags, ABS and EBD. Side airbags and stability aids are not offered as standard.


The Ignis is inexpensive boasting good fuel economy, low asking price, and low insurance rates. Servicing charges will also be lower than most other rivals’. Resale values will be remarkably low however.

The cabin is spacious, though not overly so. Passengers have plenty of headroom, but will not be as comfortable when it comes to legroom. The cabin has several storage spaces throughout. The boot however is disappointingly small. It will barely accommodate a day’s worth of shopping.

The gauges are all easy to read and are clearly labeled. The audio controls are of high quality, but don’t over clutter the fascia. The ventilation controls are of the same high quality and are just as functional.

Suzuki Ignis

The large supportive seats make the ride a bit more enjoyable. The enigne is quiet most of the time, with the exception being during hard acceleration. Road and wind noise will not be a problem. The Ignis, being a small car will not be able to ride over large pot holes, but shouldn’t have a problem otherwise.

The cabin is accessed through small door apertures. Making an already small car a bit more difficult to get into. Assisting with this is a slightly raised ride height and wide seats that make it so occupants don’t need to reach for the seats when climbing down into the cabin. The boot is accessed though a similarly small hatch. Aiding with loading and unloading, is a low load lip.

The light steering and miniature dimensions of the car makes parking easy. Even reverse parking is simple as the large rear window makes judging distances easy.

Life Style

The Ignis does all the basics well. Its lofty stance can count against it when turning. Most drivers will appreciate the Suzuki’s light controls and good brakes. The Ignis is the exception to the rule when it comes to city cars being able to travel long distances well. The little car can maintain maximum speed over prolonged periods. For those who seek a more enthusiastic ride, the Sport model will be the car for you.

The Ignis is too small to be the main family car. It would make a really decent second car, or commuter car. Anyone on a tight budget with very small children might be able to use it as a family car until the kids get bigger.

The Ignis is a great car. It gets beat out by more prestigious badges, but deserves a chance on its own accord. If buyers gave the Ignis a chance, the little Suzuki would be everywhere. The Ignis would make the perfect first car. It’s affordable to buy and run, easy to own and drive, not too powerful and super easy to park.

Suzuki has really improved the levels of quality in the Ignis. Outside, the exterior has received some much needed enhancements and modern touches, and inside the cabin boasts an expensive quality and feel. Cabin plastics are of a reasonable quality. Badge snobs have ignored the Ignis, but it is a matter of time before word gets out about the car’s quality and buyers take notice. The Ignis Isn’t what I would call a quick sale car, in that it might take you a while to sell it on should you wish to get rid in favour of a different car.

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped with remote central locking, an engine immobiliser, and that should be plenty of security for the little Ignis.

The car comes with four airbags, ABS and electronic brake force distribution. The middle rear seat gets a three-point belt. For a car in this class that’s a good level of safety kit as standard.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio and CD player that comes with six speakers. The stereo is a Blaupunkt unit. Sound quality is good and the controls are large and easy to operate. The car does not offer steering wheel-mounted controls.

In standard 1.3 guise, the seats are well made and durable. The same is true of the plastic trim and fascia. The cabin boasts a leather-covered gear knob. On the outside, bright colours are the most flattering.


The Ignis performs well and offers buyers an alternative to other brands in this sector. The car provides a lofty driving position, a spacious cabin and decent levels of refinement.

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