In 1940 Enzo Ferrari left his position at Alfa Romeo and started a new car company, Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, in Modena, Italy. During World War II the company was moved to Maranello.
Ferrari LogoThe workshop was bombed to the ground and rebuilt in 1946 where it then produced the very first Ferrari motor car, the 125 Sport. They quickly gained a reputation for excellence and sales increased. Oddly enough, Enzo became widely known for his dislike of his customers because he believed they were buying his cars for prestige instead of their performance value. This along with his heavy handed managerial style and penchant for scandal caused Ferrari much upheaval and threatened the company’s survival for years. Ferrari sold his cars to finance his true love, racing, which in his own words, came first. From their first win of their 125 Sport to today, Ferrari has won numerous racing titles. Continuing in their tradition of superior sporting cars, Ferrari intends to release the 599 G with the most powerful engine ever slipped into a series production car. Also keeping with the Ferrari tradition, purchase of these vehicles require deep pockets not only for the purchase price but also for their heavy consumption of petrol.

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