CARS IN 2016

The rumour mill is churning and we’re enjoying every second of it. As 2016 approaches we are left wondering what the year has in store! A couple of years ago I got myself all excited when someone told me there was going to be a new BMW 8-Series in 2016! Apparently their source was youtube and since then I havn’t
heard anything about it unfortunately so I may have to wait a little longer before they bring back the classic that is the BMW 8-Series. But what do we have on the Automotive horizon?

Audi have come out all guns blazing… No surprises there then! The Audi A4 is expected to go on sale in the spring, which is a welcome bit of news as the Audi A4 that is available at present is looking a bit dated nowadays when you compare it to the likes of the Mercedes Benz C Class and the Jaguar XE. From the looks of the spy shots the Audi A4 isn’t going to go too crazy in terms of styling, remaining understated and classy. Fortunately there are no plans to bring back the Audi A2 despite a few viscous rumours.

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