Leasing a car, good idea or bad?

Buying your first car can be a pretty complicated process, there are a lot of options out there now, and it is hard to know which option is best for you. It is an important decision to make as the wrong decision could leave you suffering financially. The most important thing is that you understand the Ts & Cs of your contract whether you are leasing or purchasing the car.

I have recently been looking at buying myself a used Volvo S60, and my browser kept bombarding me with adverts for Volvo S60 contract hire deals, which I must admit became more and more appealing the more I looked, but does leasing a car make fiscal sense? From a purely financial perspective it is not a great idea to lease a car. This is no surprise as you are giving out money for something that you aren’t going to own. However, buying a new car doesn’t make financial sense either, for it will depreciate rapidly unless it is a special limited edition or something which you don’t plan on putting any miles on.

That leaves you with the option of buying a used car that is at least 3 years old. By this point the car will have taken the biggest hit on its residual value meaning you don’t stand to lose as much on it and it is still relatively new. However there is always the risk that is associated with a used car, that there is no guarantee that there isn’t an underlying issue that you don’t know about, and you may end up spending a fortune on a used car over the course of a few years.  So maybe when you think about it like that leasing isn’t the worst option.

With used car horror stories in mind, and my own first hand experiences, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to get on the internet and do a search for personal car lease Volvo S60. The second you hit enter on search like that you are hit with a hell of a lot of choice, and before long you will be seeing offers every, ads will pop up on other web pages you go to that have nothing to with cars, until small monthly payments do actually start coming way more appealing. Hardly surprising, in my case it was either buy a £9,499 used Volvo S60 T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr [Leather]and set up a finance deal, or pay £189 a month for 3 years after an initial payment of £1,643.  The lease looks more manageable for obvious reasons, the car is new so it will be under guarantee, you shouldn’t get hit with any huge service bills and you don’t have to worry about the cars residual value at all.  The point that got me was my purchasing habits when it comes to cars, if I bought it outright by the time I got to paying it off I would typically be looking for a new car anyway, so regardless of how I go about it I’m going to be spending the best part of £200 a month for the foreseeable future.

Obviously, the benefit of buying a used car outright is I can get some money in my pocket each time I trade the car in. But it is extra admin and shopping around, having to barter with dealers etc which is genuinely up there with my least favourite things to do, right behind selling a car privately.

As you can probably gather I am leaning more and more to personal contract hire Volvo S60 being the best option. To answer the original question, does leasing a car make fiscal sense, no, but your other options aren’t exactly fantastic and leasing makes sense in just about every other aspect. I wish I could get a Volvo S60 business car lease, through my company, but boss isn’t having any of it.

Cadillac SRX Station Wagon Review

The Cadillac SR-X is a unique car designed to create its own niche. The SRX Wagon is a cross between an SUV, an MPV, and a luxury estate. The SRX comes with a five-door body design (four-door sport utility vehicle).

The Cadillac has a tall ride stance and is equipped with four-wheel drive. Inside, the steering adjusts for height but the SR-X comes optional with adjustable pedals.

The SRX Wagon provides a spacious cabin with three rows of seats. The third row stores in the floor and is easily raised for use with the touch of a button. The third row of seats would not easily accommodate adults and should only be used occasionally or by small children.

The Cadillac SRX’s engine is responsive even if the engine sound could be more appealing. The SR-X is equipped with computer controlled suspension and should deliver a smooth ride. Body roll is controlled for the most part but is not quite to the level of some of Cadillac’s high-end competitors.


The SR-X Station Wagon provides plenty of cabin space, but it may prove difficult finding a dealer to service it. The SRX comes with high levels of equipment and lots of optional extras.


The Cadillac SRX will be an expensive car to purchase and maintain. The car’s initial asking price is less than its BMW competitors but finding a location to service the car may be difficult and resale values may also be low.

The SR-X provides a generous amount of cabin space and three rows of seats. The third row of seats is more difficult to access and should only be used by smaller passengers or on an occasional basis. Head and legroom is plentiful all round.

The Cadillac’s controls and dials are logically placed and easy to operate. Everything is where you would expect it to be with the exception of the SRX’s foot-operated parking brake. The parking brake has a cheap feel and is difficult to use without kicking some of the plastic pieces located near the brake.

The SRX Wagon provides more than adequate levels of comfort. The seats are large and comfortable and the ride is smooth. Body roll has been minimized and head and legroom are more than adequate.


Cadillac SRXThe SRX provides excellent access. The car’s doors open wide and provide a large aperture for easy access. The third row of seats is not as easily accessed. The boot is easily accessible as well.

The Cadillac SRX is a large and oddly shaped vehicle but it provides a high drive position and good visibility making parking easier.  The steering could be more responsive but is light at low speeds and does not pose an overall problem when parking.

Life Style

The Cadillac SR-X is easy enough to drive. The SRX Wagon comes with four-wheel drive capabilities, a 4.6-litre V8 (3.6-litre V6) engine that produces 258bhp, a five-speed automatic gearbox, and 18-inch alloy wheels. The SRX is easy enough to drive and offers a decently smooth ride.

The Cadillac SRX would make a decent family car. There is ample head and legroom for the first two rows of seats and the third row could adequately accommodate smaller children. The cabin is spacious and the ride is comfortable. The SRX offers many family friendly entertainment options as well.

The Cadillac SRX is not a likely first car. It is too large and too expensive. Novice drivers may have difficulty navigating and parking the SRX. Insurance, maintenance, and running costs would be on the high-end.

The style of the Cadillac SRX Station Wagon will not be for everyone. The design is unique and gives the SR-X a personality that may not suit everyone. The Cadillac is quality built but may be difficult to service due to limited qualified dealers.

Security and Safety

The SR-X comes equipped with an engine immobilizer, peripheral anti-theft protection, and audio anti-theft protection. The Cadillac also comes with remote power locks, lockable glovebox, and a cargo area cover to help keep valuables out of sight.

The SRX Wagon’s safety features include front side airbags, front and rear roof airbags, rear parking sensors, three-point seat belts, and driver and front passenger airbags with multi-stage deployment. The SRX also comes with electronic traction devices, ABS, and electronic brake distribution.

The Finishing Touches

The Cadillac SRX comes equipped with a Bose RDS audio system with satellite, CD player, and eight speakers. The audio system produces excellent sound quality steering wheel buttons are provided for the driver’s convenience.

The SR-X also comes standard with metallic paint, daytime running lights, alloy rims, luxury trim wood interior, wood grain dashboard, and leather seats. The Cadillac also comes standard with a leather covered multi-functional steering wheel.


The SRX Wagon comes fully loaded and is very spacious, but the body style may not appeal to everyone and finding a qualified servicing center may pose a challenge for some buyers. Overall the SRX’s build quality is good and the cabin is comfortable. If you are interested in the Cadillac SRX, get yourself a used car quote online.


In 1940 Enzo Ferrari left his position at Alfa Romeo and started a new car company, Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, in Modena, Italy. During World War II the company was moved to Maranello.
Ferrari LogoThe workshop was bombed to the ground and rebuilt in 1946 where it then produced the very first Ferrari motor car, the 125 Sport. They quickly gained a reputation for excellence and sales increased. Oddly enough, Enzo became widely known for his dislike of his customers because he believed they were buying his cars for prestige instead of their performance value. This along with his heavy handed managerial style and penchant for scandal caused Ferrari much upheaval and threatened the company’s survival for years. Ferrari sold his cars to finance his true love, racing, which in his own words, came first. From their first win of their 125 Sport to today, Ferrari has won numerous racing titles. Continuing in their tradition of superior sporting cars, Ferrari intends to release the 599 G with the most powerful engine ever slipped into a series production car. Also keeping with the Ferrari tradition, purchase of these vehicles require deep pockets not only for the purchase price but also for their heavy consumption of petrol.

Nissan X-Trail Review

The X-Trail is Nissan’s not contribution to the lifestyle SUV market. The introduction of the X-Trail was very significant and gave Nissan a viable competitor in this sector.

Nissan studied the competition very carefully and was able to design a vehicle that catered to the wants and needs of buyers. The vehicle does not deliver an exciting package, but it does deliver a vehicle that is very good at what it was designed to do.

The Nissan X-Trail provides plenty of cabin space, an attractive exterior design, and engines powerful enough to handle some really challenging driving. The Nissan was designed to function mainly on the road and in more urban areas. The Nissan X-Trail is a soft roader.

The X-Trail’s modern looks and updated, interior design blows away rival brands. The car’s standard package includes high levels of fit and finish.

On the road the X-Trail tends to drive like a car. Acceleration is rapid, and it handles mud and gravel without too much difficulty. The X-Trail offers a really good on-road ride, this is sure to be a favorite among families. Though image conscious families are more likely to buy a car with a more stylish badge.


Nissan X-TrailThe X-Trail is not the least expensive car to buy, but Nissan includes a high level of standard specification and makes the car good value for the money. The car also enjoys a high resale value. 2.5-litre and 2.2 –litre diesel engine are both very good choices. The diesel engines also have a longer service interval than the petrol engines.

The cabin is spacious with excellent storage cubbies. The car’s luggage area is large and comes in very handy. The car provides adequate space for storage and comfort.

The car’s controls and dials are functional but far from impressive. They are large enough but lack an attractive appearance. The car’s sat-nav system on the other hand is very impressive.

The car provides plenty of cabin space and storage space for comfort. The car’s seats are supportive and reasonably comfortable. The front seats adjust for comfort.

The car requires passengers to step up in order to gain access to the cabin. This may pose problems for some passengers. The boot provides good access but the door is fairly heavy.

The X-Trail provides a high driving position but the vehicle’s large size makes it difficult to park. The X-Trail is a challenging car to park even for more experienced drivers.

Life Style

The car feels really spunky and fast for a vehicle of its size. The car’s all wheel drive capabilities come in very handy for adverse weather conditions, and the X-Trail will not easily disappoint.

The X-Trail doesn’t necessarily target families, but could do a more than adequate job transporting families. The cabin is spacious and provides decent levels of comfort. A family might appreciate the X-Trails durability and would definitely appreciate the X-Trails boot space.

This is not the vehicle for new drivers. The car is too big and difficult to navigate. The car’s off-roading abilities are not suitable for novice drivers, and the car’s all-wheel drive feature may not be good for drivers to learn proper driving techniques.

Nissan used to be viewed mainly as a value-for-money producer, but in recent years the firm has managed to produce a diverse array of value for money cars and quality build purchases as well. The company has a good reputation for reliability, durability, and dependability across the board.

Security and Safety

X-Trails come with an impressive security package. As standard the vehicle comes equipped with a Thatcham category 1 alarm with sensors, an engine immobiliser, and superlocking with an anti-hijack feature. The X-Trail is a favorite target for car thieves and will need a comprehensive security package.

The car’s safety package includes ESP, ABS and four-wheel drive. Twin front airbags, head and side airbags are standard on all models, Isofix child seat mountings are also included.

The Finishing Touches

The X-Trail comes standard with a single-disc CD radio unit. Sport and SVE models include an in-dash six-CD player and a cassette player. The T-Spec model comes with even more upgrades.

The car comes standard with driver’s seat height adjustment, front and rear electric windows, electric door mirrors and climate control. Higher level models receive higher levels of standard specification. The T-Spec version comes with state of the art electronic gadgets.


The X-Trail is an extremely stylish and attractive vehicle. The car is reliable and delivers decent fuel economy. The car is extremely competent and comes with a good standard package. There are also enough cost options available to meet the needs of most buyers.

New Audi Cars

Buying a new car requires a lot of care and consideration. Buying an Audi is no exception. Audi has an excellent reputation for producing dependable and sensible cars that appeal to most anyone. Purchasing a new Audi car will require some research in order to decide which model is right for you.

Some things to consider when deciding which Audi is right for you includes available seating, whether you are looking for a business car, a family car, a commuter car or more of a luxury car. Other options to consider include possible warranties, gas mileage and insurance rates.Audi Logo

Audi dealerships and showrooms will offer a variety of models to choose from and shopping around will ensure the best possible deal available. Finding a reputable dealership is imperative when shopping for a new Audi.

Negotiating is an important part of the process of buying a new Audi. Many dealers will negotiate on the price. The amount of the manufacturer’s retail price and the dealer’s cost price usually leaves some room for negotiation.

The manufacturer’s retail price is usually clearly displayed on the car by law. The dealer’s cost price reflects the amount that the dealer paid the manufacturer. This price is usually a ballpark price and rarely reflects the true amount that was paid by the dealer. In most instances the dealer will receive discounts, rebates or other incentives.

Often showrooms will display a limited range of the Audi models that are actually available. If you do not find the exact new Audi car that you are looking for most dealers are able to order them. Ordering you car can save you from settling for a car that you don’t really want, paying extra for features that you don’t really need or buying a car that doesn’t meet your needs. On the other hand it is not uncommon for a dealer to negotiate a good deal in order to clear out their existing inventory in order to make room for new inventory.

Buying a new car can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Proper research can eliminate most concerns. Once you understand prices, special features and have a good idea of what you will and will not accept it is time to visit the showrooms.

Suzuki Ignis Car Review

The Suzuki Ignis has received several exterior and interior enhancements. Aside from the car’s new nose and some other minor exterior changes, the car is sporting an exciting 1.3 petrol engine and a new fascia. The Ignis is being offered with a Sport variant and an all-wheel drive option.

Suzuki’s Ignis deserves to be at least considered alongside Fords, Vauxhalls and Citroens. Buyers may find themselves pleasantly surprised because the Ignis unlike most offerings at this price point, comes well equipped and is powered by decent engines.

The Ignis’ 1.3-litre petrol motor gives the car a leg up over many of its similarly priced rivals. The engine offers more in terms of power and refinement. Also available is a 1.5-litre petrol engine, but the range lacks a diesel option. Suzuki has thought of everything and offers an auto gearbox option, a four-wheel drive variant and a Sport model.

Suzuki’s unique offerings are meant to catch the attention of buyers who want something different without sacrificing the practicality and features of a supermini.

Suzuki’s desire to beat out the competition on safety as well is evident with the Ignis. The car offers four airbags, ABS and EBD. Side airbags and stability aids are not offered as standard.


The Ignis is inexpensive boasting good fuel economy, low asking price, and low insurance rates. Servicing charges will also be lower than most other rivals’. Resale values will be remarkably low however.

The cabin is spacious, though not overly so. Passengers have plenty of headroom, but will not be as comfortable when it comes to legroom. The cabin has several storage spaces throughout. The boot however is disappointingly small. It will barely accommodate a day’s worth of shopping.

The gauges are all easy to read and are clearly labeled. The audio controls are of high quality, but don’t over clutter the fascia. The ventilation controls are of the same high quality and are just as functional.

Suzuki Ignis

The large supportive seats make the ride a bit more enjoyable. The enigne is quiet most of the time, with the exception being during hard acceleration. Road and wind noise will not be a problem. The Ignis, being a small car will not be able to ride over large pot holes, but shouldn’t have a problem otherwise.

The cabin is accessed through small door apertures. Making an already small car a bit more difficult to get into. Assisting with this is a slightly raised ride height and wide seats that make it so occupants don’t need to reach for the seats when climbing down into the cabin. The boot is accessed though a similarly small hatch. Aiding with loading and unloading, is a low load lip.

The light steering and miniature dimensions of the car makes parking easy. Even reverse parking is simple as the large rear window makes judging distances easy.

Life Style

The Ignis does all the basics well. Its lofty stance can count against it when turning. Most drivers will appreciate the Suzuki’s light controls and good brakes. The Ignis is the exception to the rule when it comes to city cars being able to travel long distances well. The little car can maintain maximum speed over prolonged periods. For those who seek a more enthusiastic ride, the Sport model will be the car for you.

The Ignis is too small to be the main family car. It would make a really decent second car, or commuter car. Anyone on a tight budget with very small children might be able to use it as a family car until the kids get bigger.

The Ignis is a great car. It gets beat out by more prestigious badges, but deserves a chance on its own accord. If buyers gave the Ignis a chance, the little Suzuki would be everywhere. The Ignis would make the perfect first car. It’s affordable to buy and run, easy to own and drive, not too powerful and super easy to park.

Suzuki has really improved the levels of quality in the Ignis. Outside, the exterior has received some much needed enhancements and modern touches, and inside the cabin boasts an expensive quality and feel. Cabin plastics are of a reasonable quality. Badge snobs have ignored the Ignis, but it is a matter of time before word gets out about the car’s quality and buyers take notice. The Ignis Isn’t what I would call a quick sale car, in that it might take you a while to sell it on should you wish to get rid in favour of a different car.

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped with remote central locking, an engine immobiliser, and that should be plenty of security for the little Ignis.

The car comes with four airbags, ABS and electronic brake force distribution. The middle rear seat gets a three-point belt. For a car in this class that’s a good level of safety kit as standard.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio and CD player that comes with six speakers. The stereo is a Blaupunkt unit. Sound quality is good and the controls are large and easy to operate. The car does not offer steering wheel-mounted controls.

In standard 1.3 guise, the seats are well made and durable. The same is true of the plastic trim and fascia. The cabin boasts a leather-covered gear knob. On the outside, bright colours are the most flattering.


The Ignis performs well and offers buyers an alternative to other brands in this sector. The car provides a lofty driving position, a spacious cabin and decent levels of refinement.


TVR was named for its creator, Trevor Wilkinson in 1947. It was another ten years before TVR put out its first production car, the Jomar. TVR also had the help of auto dealer Ray Saidel, and orders exceeded output. After encountering numerous problems TVR became Layton Sports Car Ltd. and shortly thereafter, Grantura Engineering. It wasn’t until 1965 that the company went back to TVR Engineering.

TVR Logo

Now it’s the third largest specialized sports car maker in the world, TVR has just announced that after being based in England since its inception, they will be moving to Turin, Italy, and re-launching their line at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2007. Presumably, with the concept that was developed in 1953, of fiberglass bodywork over a tubular steel backbone chassis. Engine production will remain in England where it has been since the 1990s when TVR began manufacturing engines in-house. Prior to that, they used Ford and Rover engines.

Volkswagen reveal cross up!

Volkswagen has released full specifications and images of the all new cross up! ahead of the model’s debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The cross up! is a mini SUV version of the original Volkswagen up! city car. It sports roof rails, 16 inch alloy wheels and larger bumpers than its older brother, as well as black body cladding for the wheel arches and side sills.13547_1_l

There are many similarities with the Fiat Panda 4×4, itself a crossover version of the Fiat Panda city car. However, the cross up! is only available as a front-wheel drive, unlike the Panda 4×4 which can be purchased as a rear-wheel drive.

The same two engines fitted to the standard up! are available for the cross up! – two 1.0 litre three-cylinder offerings. Buyers can choose between the 59bhp and the 74bhp.

With the current state of the UK climate, Volkswagen really couldn’t have pitched the timing of the cross up!’s release any better. Snow continues to fall in many areas leaving standard city cars struggling. The cross up! should be much more accomplished at tackling the white stuff. Consequently it is safe to say servicing costs will be cheaper on the whole.

Additions to the cabin include new upholstery and floor mats, while the instrument panel has been updated and there is more chrome trim.

There is just one issue hanging in the balance however – Volkswagen has still not decided whether the cross up! will be offered for sale in the UK. More information should be available next month when it is officially unveiled in Geneva.13547_4_l

How Cheap Is Cheap?

At a time when the economic climate of the UK is in a state of recession, saving money is more important than ever. Driving has never been a cheap aspect of life, and unfortunately it’s probably at its most expensive currently in terms of fuelling and servicing and MOT costs.

Used cars always have been and always will be the cheapest option, but the fact of the matter is that many people just won’t go for it – they favour a brand new automobile, regardless of the added expense and diminished residuals.

However, buying a new vehicle outright is not a viable option for many, and so financing is becoming ever more popular. So what is the cheapest you can pay to finance a car?

Well, as the automotive industry has found out over the past 12 months or so, Dacia is single-handedly redefining the concept of budget motoring. And guess what? The Dacia Sandero is now the cheapest car to finance in the UK.dacia-sandero_l

It is available at the incredibly affordable price of just £69 a month, for 48 months, with a deposit of £1,845. There is also the option of paying £99 a month for the same period with a deposit of just £600.

At £69 the Sandero represents a bill of little more than most people pay for their mobile phones. Similar deals are offered on the Duster SUV, which is available from £99 per month.

Both models are due for availability in the UK in early 2013 and come with a 3 year/60,000 mile warranty as standard.